AddedSport partners with GK SipaG to open US College opportunities to promising high school soccer athlete

January 24th, 2020 | by addedsport

In the photo (from L-R): Cian Gabriel Galsim (SipaG Football Player), Feliciano Fernandez (SipaG Football Player), Jose Luis Oquinena (Gawad Kalinga Executive Director), Akshay Maliwal (AddedSport Founder), Chester De Torres (SipaG Head Coach)

December 19, 2019 - AddedSport and Gawad Kalinga (GK) formally commences its partnership to further the growth and development of GK’s SipaG program by opening doors to US college soccer, a dream for a lot of aspiring athletes here in Asia. 

AddedSport is a sports management firm that aims to bridge the gap between the best athletes in Asia and opportunities in US college sports. The company has helped over 500 student-athletes across different countries get admitted into their chosen university, mostly pursuing higher level of competition in their respective sport. With the recently launched Scholars Program, it aims to empower underprivileged athletes to dream beyond their situation and aim to achieve success in both sports and academics.

It’s founder, Akshay Maliwal shared, “Asia has the potential to produce some of the world’s top athletes. As a sports company that has already seen plenty of talent, we are aware that some of the best athletes have yet to be discovered. Most of them just lack awareness and exposure about these opportunities because of various limitations. Through this partnership, AddedSport is excited to see more young athletes rise and excel in competition at a world-class level.

GK, one of the biggest local organizations addressing the problem of poverty in the Philippines through housing projects, has been implementing the SipaG Program since 2005. SipaG was developed to help the youth in over 3,000 GK communities reach their full potential through soccer. It has produced a number of high-quality players who have been competing on a national level and are constantly being recruited by top universities in Metro Manila. 

This program’s success has been an inspiration to many as it has already transformed lives of not just the athletes, but their families’. In addition to this, GK’s Executive Director, Luis Oquinena, believes that this partnership with AddedSport will catalyse the program’s vision to uplift and develop underprivileged youth and their communities through sports. 

Poverty cannot be solved overnight. Through this collaboration between AddedSport and GK, deserving athletes from the Philippines now have access to not only an opportunity to play overseas, but also a better life. 

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