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Junior / Associate Consultant

About AddedSport

AddedSport is looking for Associate Consultants and Junior Consultants with the ability to connect and communicate, motivate and encourage student athletes. We are looking for passionate and driven individuals who have the ability to contribute to and benefit from the company’s long-term vision and success in the Sports Management Industry

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

Client Focused
Work closely with other AddedSport consultants to provide support for client requirements and priorities. These include:
- College career planning for clients in collaboration with other AddedSport consultants,
- Communication with US university/college coaches
- To coordinate with partners / vendors to ensure all dependencies to or from AddedSport are being met

- Establish strong relationships across client-facing teams and an understanding of client needs, the consumer experience, marketing strategy and operational capabilities
- Provide active support for the frontline team with social media planning and campaigns

Required Skills and Educational Qualifications

  • Almost a superhuman attention to detail
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects while meeting demanding deadlines, producing high quality work and projecting a positive attitude
  • Proficiency using the web, private, and public database as a resource for finding information.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Exceptional written, oral, and presentation communication abilities
  • Expertise with MS-Office and the equivalent Google Suite of Business Applications
  • A good Bachelor’s Degree from a reputed university (Preferably a 4-year degree program in the United States from a reputed university)
  • A minimum of 2 years experience in the counselling or consulting services industry. Freshers will NOT be considered for this position

What you will get from us, in return is:
- Higher than the average market compensation for management consulting firms
- A highly collaborative environment that pushes you to think beyond your boundaries
- A diverse workload, keeping you continually stimulated
- An open forum for expression of ideas
- Diverse opportunities to grow wings for your entrepreneurial ideas
- Having a start-up mindset will allow you to get your hands wet into a multitude of things

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