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What is college athletic recruiting?

College athletic recruiting is a process that is available only to sports persons interested in playing varsity level sports in college and representing the college for competitions against other colleges. The recruiting process is a process whereby coaches assess the athletic and academic ability of viable candidates and select them to be a part of their teams.

What is NCAA and what is the difference between Division 1, 2, and 3 colleges?

– NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association and it governs all the collegiate sports in the US across various states and colleges.
– The divisions are a measure of how many athletic programs a college hosts – D1 schools have more varsity athletic programs than D3 schools, but there are multiple D3 universities that higher academic rankings than D1 and D2 universities.coaches commit to athletes joining their team, admission into the college becomes easier and virtually guaranteed.

How is it different to apply to U.S. colleges as an athlete versus as a regular student?

What is covered in AddedSport’s recruiting services?

– Set goals and build a recruiting timeline tailored to the Student-Athlete’s college athletics recruitment journey
– Assistance with university search and identification to determine the colleges that are the best-fit academically and athletically for the Student-Athlete
– Identify scholarship opportunities (athletic and academic aid)
– Guidance in tournament scheduling to ensure Student-Athlete competes in tournaments that college coaches recruit from
– Develop Student-Athlete’s marketing materials such as resume, cover letter and recruiting video
– University coach contact using AddedSport college coach database
– Schedule and prepare for on-campus “unofficial visits” with college coaches to learn more about the university and athletic program
– Facilitate the growing relationship between Student-Athlete and college coach during the recruitment process, especially prior to September 1 of Grade 11
– Athletic questionnaire and application form filling assistance
– Navigation of NCAA Rules and Regulations to ensure timely submission of documents to the eligibility center

When should I be starting the recruiting process?

The recruiting process should ideally be started in the middle of Grade 10.

Can I be a recruited athlete in Canada, UK or Australia?

U.S. is the only county in the world that has such a strong college athletics presence and recruitment and offers athletic scholarships to its Student-Athletes. No other country allows you to be a full time athlete as well as a full time student.

What are the benefits of being a college athlete?

– Greater exposure for personal and sporting development
– Access to elite coaching and training facilities
– Strong academic support specifically for Student-Athletes
– Develop time management skills
– A great stepping stone to pursue your sport in the professional circuit
– A college degree to fall back on
– Networking and employment opportunities
– Strong alumni network and community after graduation

What are the dos or don’ts of recruiting and contacting coaches?

To begin with, one should not wait too long before starting the initial process of college search and identification, and contacting coaches. Below are some of the ways to contact coaches and build relationships:

Telephone Calls College coaches are prohibited from calling a recruit before September 1 of Grade 11. Thereafter, a college coach is allowed to call a recruit (or parents/legal guardians) a maximum of once a week.

Email It is against the rules for college coaches to send and respond to emails from recruits prior to September 1 of Grade 11. After September 1 of Grade 11, a college coach is allowed to send a recruit information about their athletic program and about their college, which can take the form of: media guides, schedule cards, and official college admissions and academic publications.

In-Person Contact A college coach is only permitted to have 3 face-to- face meetings with a recruit in person off the college campus on or after July 1 on the completion of Grade 11. Any exchange that goes beyond a simple “hello” between a recruit (or parent/legal guardian) and a coach is considered 1 face-to- face meeting. However, a college coach can have as many face-to- face meetings with a recruit on their campus, even prior to September 1 of Grade 11 –but a recruit will require a 3rd party to facilitate the scheduling of such meetings due to the rule prohibiting college coaches from responding to recruits.
* The above rules are based on NCAA Division 1 recruitment. Division 2 and 3, and NAIA have different rules, differing across different sports as well.
** An AddedSport Recruiting Guide is available to all of our clients. If you do not have a relationship with us, our AddedSport Recruiting Guide can be purchased.

How would an AddedSport mentor be different than my academic counselor at school?

Where can I get additional information about college recruiting requirements?

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