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Grade 5 and up

Early Advising: Planning for Success

The AddedSport Talent Identification Program (TIP) is a curated action plan designed for all athletes – those who want to improve their athletic performance as well as those who want to achieve the optimum academic and athletic standard for US college scholarships and admissions. A customized roadmap is created which outlines the right path for your individual success in your sport. At AddedSport, we emphasize that planning is everything but EXECUTION BEATS ALL. As a part of the TIP, an athlete will receive guidance from a mentor who has had first-hand experience of playing a sport at the highest amateur or professional levels and and will therefore be able to create the right plan for YOU to be successful athlete.

Grade 7 and up

Development and Mentoring Program: Increasing Exposure

It’s hard to #DreamBig without a strong team behind you. At AddedSport, we believe that every client is entitled to such support. AddedSport builds a team around each of its client in order to enable them to reach their maximum potential.

Athletic Recruitment

AddedSport mentors are ex-national/ international/ U.S-collegiate athletes who manage the athlete’s practice and tournament schedule, provide practice drills used by college coaches, as well as dedicate time to preparing the athlete for competition and the competitive mindset. We partner with fitness trainers, psychologists, nutritionists and more to ensure that all needs of a top-level athlete are met and our clients get the best holistic experience.

Performing Arts / General Arts

We expose students to early opportunities which will lead them to develop their creativity and experience to build an outstanding portfolio for college applications.

Grade 9 and up

College Application Program: What is your X-Factor?

The AddedSport Team consists of strong academic and athletic counselors who advise and handhold each of our client throughout the college application process. Each student has their X-Factor – the thing that makes them unique. We are here to help our clients use their X-Factor and stand out among other thousands of applicants and gain a successful university admission.

Athletic Recruitment

Young athletes across many sports have the opportunity to get recruited using their athletic ability and talent. At AddedSport, we have relationships with over 900 college coaches, and in-depth knowledge of the academic and athletic requirements of each college, to determine which college provides the best fit for a college-bound Student-Athlete.

General Admissions Consulting

Application process can be stressful at times. Determining the right schools for you, building your profile for application, essay editing, and application strategies takes a lot of time and effort. Our well-experienced team of academic counselors are here to guide you with their professional insights and expertise throughout the whole process.

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