What drives your motivation?

February 18th, 2020 | by addedsport

Many people widely consider inner motivation as the key to being successful. Inner motivation isn’t necessarily found within oneself. It can be manifested through desire, pressure or fear of failure. My parents pushed me to be the best from a very young age; initially I rebelled a lot, but as it turns out, the pressure they put on me has manifested into an increased self motivation and drive to be the best. My path may or may not be the same as yours, but it is one path, and the path that led me to find my true drive. Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy had the motivation and desire to be the world’s best golfers from a very young age, this was their gift. However, most of us will spend many years doing many things and being pushed in many different directions before we find what really drives us, what really gets up in the morning. I think there are some necessary steps we must take to find our inner motivation, and it starts with exploration. Very few find passion and drive in the first thing they do, most do a few different things before they figure it out. Be an explorer. The second step is to dive deep into the area of interest, because sometimes what seems good or bad on the surface, may not necessarily be the same as what lies beneath. Finally, the third step is to follow your gut. It is remarkable how many of us fail to follow our gut but rather, follow others’ opinion of our gut. Be yourself.

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